Why Hire a Real Estate Attorney?

Why Hire a Real Estate Attorney?

Five Reasons to Retain a Real Estate Attorney

The purchase or sale of real estate, whether it is your home or investment property, can be the largest and most important financial transaction you ever make.

  • Choosing an experienced real estate attorney to protect your interests is the first step in insuring the successful completion of the purchase or sale. Remember: only your attorney protects your rights.
  • Buying or selling property is a difficult and detailed procedure. Your attorney can guide you throughout the entire process from signing the offer to negotiating a Purchase and Sale Agreement, inspecting the property and getting approval/commitment of the mortgage. At closing, your attorney will be available to answer questions and to protect your interests.
  • Select an attorney whose practice emphasizes real estate and is particularly knowledgeable in local transactions. It is possible to select an attorney who may also represent the Lender, this will save time and money.
  • Prior to closing, your attorney will conduct a title search on the property you are purchasing. This insures that you are obtaining clear record marketable title with no surprises at the time of closing. The Lender will also require title insurance, which your attorney can obtain for your.
  • Retain an attorney who is not only a skilled practitioner in real estate law, but one who is familiar with laws and regulations relating to zoning, certificates of occupancy, wetlands, flood insurance, and taxes. Knowledge of local procedures can greatly expedite the process.
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