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Comprehensive Probate Support

Probate and estate administration are difficult for many reasons. You may have lost a loved one. You may disagree with the will. There may be extensive or complex assets that must be distributed. Perhaps the deceased did not write a will or there are multiple, conflicting documents.

At Mark L. Janos, we provide effective and client-centered representation to help you sort through the challenges of probate and estate administration. We offer advice to individual family members, administrators, executors, potential heirs, and other interested individuals throughout Essex County, Massachusetts, and Rockingham County, New Hampshire.

Our probate and estate administration practice includes:

  • Reviewing the financial estate of the decedent to determine whether it is necessary to probate the estate. Are there assets to probate? Was there an estate plan?
  • Advising on state and federal estate tax consequences
  • Determining the assets to be distributed
  • Determining the value of your business (we have access to companies that do business valuations)
  • Protecting estate assets
  • Identifying and notifying heirs
  • Filing probate in court
  • Accounting with the court after filing probate to ensure that distributions are made in accordance with the will or statute
  • Distributing assets

The probate process is lengthy and often expensive. It can involve a number of individuals and assets of all kinds, from stamp collections to vacation homes. There may also be federal implications. For example, if the deceased owned assets in multiple states, the representative of the estate must file probate in both states.

Like managers of a sports team, our probate and estate administration lawyers are the managers of the estate process, filtering through all of the requirements and issues that arise. We advise clients on how to proceed at every turn in the process.

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